Jaha Dukureh

  • Gambia
  • Children's Rights, Human Rights, Women’s Rights

Jaha Dukureh, a survivor of female genital mutilation (FGM) and forced child marriage, is a prominent advocate for women’s and children’s rights in Africa. Through her NGO “Safe Hands for Girls,” she supports those affected by FGM and raises awareness about its lifelong impacts. Her efforts prompted President Obama’s administration to investigate FGM in the United States, resulting in the Summit to End FGM. Dukureh’s advocacy and mobilization in Gambia led to the government’s ban on FGM. Recognized as the Regional UN Women Ambassador for Africa, she has been listed among Time Magazine’s most influential people and nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize, solidifying her status as a leader in the fight for human rights


  • Population
  • Capital
  • GDP (PPP)
  • February 18, 1965
  • Total Area
    10,689 km2 (164th)
  • Demonym
  • Government
    Unitary presidential republic


This portrait centers on Jaha Dukereh’s efforts in using her experience and voice as a survivor to end FGM and child marriage in Africa. The connecting hands represent Jaha’s NGO, “Safe Hands for Girls,” which provides support to African women and girls who are survivors of FGM and addresses its lifelong harmful physical and psychological consequences.

  • Illustration by
    Jess Brett